The 50 Shades of Grey trailer is here…

Its here!

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Ed Sheeran at Blue Balls Festival Lucerne, Switzerland

Those legs!

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  • AnonymousWhat list? What is the debate?
  • littlebitofbass

    You can see the list and Ed being awarded the top spot [here]. The debate is… a bigger conversation than I want to touch, really. But it has to do with the association between race/privilege and successful music - if such an association indeed exists - and the duties of certain platforms designed to promote artists without the benefit of privilege. [This video] addresses a bit of that conversation.


    It’s a conversation I’ve been following with interest, though since I don’t really have a dog in that fight then I have no business making a comment.

    But I will say that I’ve never seen Wiley at peace about anything. Ever.

  • Read,Watch, Listen

    There was no debate here in the US when Ed was on the cover of Vibe magazine.

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